Pet lovers what do you think? Women share a story of how she had to use euthanasia on her boyfriend’s dog without his permission while he was away.

Pet lovers what do you think? Women share a story of how she had to use euthanasia on her boyfriend’s dog without his permission while he was away.

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We live on a busy road with major incoming car traffics. I always get anxiety while checking if my gate is closed. My dog loves to run out on the street, anytime. when she gets a chance.

One of my deepest concern or any pet owners are to keep their pets safe.

One part of me is always anxious when watching my baby boy or someone else.


This story has many moral dilemmas, which was shared by annaAutumn23 a redditor. It struck many nerves of fellow users.

annaAutuum23 posted it in the subreddit  r/AmItheAsshole, “AITA for having my boyfriend’s dog put down without telling him?”

With a question like that, you would of think “Duh” but there more to the story then you think.

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She explained that Luna was a six year old Great Dane that belonged to her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend was on a vacation trip to Amsterdam for a week. He trusts her that she will be taking great care of Luna while he is gone. That means there will be more quality time with her and Luna.

Great Dane has a tendency to be imitated, therefore Luna is always kept on a leash even while walking to the woods.


One day while walking in the wood with Luna, they passed another woman with her dog. One minute later, that women started shouting at her dog and tried to hold her collar.

That dog turned around and aggressively chase after Luna.

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AnnaAtumn23 stated in her story, ” It bites Luna’s throat, legs, and stomach. I tried to pull the dog off of her but it was too strong and wouldn’t release its grip. It only stopped when Luna was laying on the ground not moving. The woman grabbed the dog and left.”

She straight off avoided responsibility and ran away with her dog.

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In addition to piercing her neck and legs, Luna still has a large scar on her stomach. AnnaAutumn23 wrapped Luna with a jacket. But cannot carry a large dog, she was only 90 lbs. After spending a long time asking for help, a stranger and his son came and helped her take Luna back to the car which was a two-mile walk.

They rushed to the Veterinary hospital. The doctor gave bad news, there was nothing he can do to save Luna life.

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This was one uncomfortable situation, that I could never imagine going through.

She stated, “I was absolutely devastated, but I knew she was in agony and didn’t want her to suffer anymore. I pressed my head against hers whilst they injected her. As she went I told her over and over again what a good girl she was.”

All of this happens while her boyfriend is on the other side of the world!

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She didn’t want to ruin his trip, so she never contacted him and let him know what happened to Luna.

She broke the news when she picked him up at the airport.

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He didn’t talk to her on the ride back home. After they arrived, he told her to move out.

She asked people for their opinions if she was in the wrong for not telling her boyfriend.

The major of consensus was yes, she should of interrupt her boyfriend trip and told him what happen to his dog Luna.

She mentions that she accepted that if she could go back in time and do it over again. She would tell her boyfriend first.

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