Telefónica Taps Nokia Deepfield to Improve Network Performance –

Telefónica Taps Nokia Deepfield to Improve Network Performance –

Telefónica Taps Nokia Deepfield to Improve Network Performance

Telefónica Spain will use Nokia Deepfield analytics software to gain better visibility into its network, troubleshoot problems as they arise, and ensure that content services are delivered to customers in an effective way.

Like many operators, Telefónica is in the process of transforming complex IP-based network infrastructures to inject enhanced levels of automation and generally improve the overall performance of service delivery, particularly for internet video and IPTV services.

Deepfield, which Nokia acquired in early-2017, was built to provide network insights and prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The analytics software has mapped billions of IP addresses, with the insight put into a database called Cloud Genome. It also collects network telemetry from routers.

The Cloud Genome technology tracks more than 50,000 cloud applications and over-the-top services. It can identify the IP addresses that correspond to Netflix, for example, as well as the caches and content delivery networks being used by Netflix — providing a map of the “supply chain of the Internet.”

Nokia pointed to Deepfield data showing that although cloud applications and services make up more than 60% of global network traffic today, providers have had very limited insight into application traffic running on their networks, or the impact network performance has on end-user applications and subscriber experience to-date.

Javier Gutiérrez, director of strategy and network and IT development at Telefónica Spain, said the operator has been transforming its IP network, which is called Fusión, to reflect the convergence of fixed and mobile services as well as TV and video, to introduce automation capabilities.

“A detailed knowledge of network and service performance, in real-time, is required to truly achieve the benefits of automation,” Gutiérrez added. “The Nokia Deepfield solution gives us the necessary network visibility and actionable analytics that will allow us to automate our operations and continue to improve our network and service capabilities.”

Worth noting is that Nokia also has a reseller agreement with Radware, where Deepfield technology is paired with the Radware suite. Deepfield also acts as an intelligence source for Nokia’s NetGuard Security Management Center software, which allows service providers to monitor and control all the multi-vendor security systems deployed across their networks. Other intelligence sources include NetGuard Endpoint Security anti-malware software and Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Lab, which aggregates data from mobile and fixed networks worldwide.

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